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April 2008

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Isogashii-sô desu yo!

You have to keep it up. Your vowels, that is. Your sacred vowels.

Have kick-started my Japanese again, after having neglected it for so long. I suddenly realized that kanji actually can be interesting - it is, after all, only a modern variation on the same themes found in Akkadian cuneiform. Which is nice.

Held a speech at the linguistics department a few days ago. I was invited there after randomly meeting one of their professors up in Stockholm, where we were both attending meetings with the Swedish Research Council. She immediately thought I ought to come to them and say... something..., to which I heartily agreed, and so it happened that I delivered an address on Ugaritic philology to a crowd of about thirty (I have to say) quite enthusiastic researchers in linguistics. Which was nice.

My translation of the Chaldean Oracles does apparently exist in the material world as of now, but the entire shipment of books (printed in Poland) has for some reason decided to make a weird (and to the plain eye completely unnecessary) postal side-tour through Germany and is expected here in Sweden next week. On an additional note, if you're by any chance interested in that text or other ancient theurgic practices, I definitely recommend a visit to the lovely site www.theurgia.org . But remember: Sig' eche, mysta!

The Dear Lady has started a new blog, the main topics of which are women history and the history of clothing. The URL is http://dameboudicca.blogspot.com , and a visit is definitely recommended.

She and I and our Dark Female Friend were in Malmö yesterday, getting all sorts of interesting stuff. I bought a book of art-prints by Yoshitaka Amano, who has been my hero for many years. Just looking at the pictures makes you get lost in dream. He's something like the Lord Dunsany of the pictorial arts. In this age of disgustingly shallow blogs about shopping, it feels heartening to write about that kind of shopping (as opposed, say, buying "sexy" tops with horrific color-schemes with a sort of understated right-wing twist). Yoshitaka Amano kî jay!