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April 2008

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In the House

I like Hugh Laurie. I liked him when he did Fry & Laurie, liked him when he did Jeeves & Wooster. And I like him on House. It's nice to see the man on his own, out of Mr. Fry's shadow, so speak. Even though I admire Stephen Fry quite as much. And I have to watch Peter's Friends again - one of the best movies I know.

Lots of work during the past week. Recording TV in Stockholm on friday, interviewed for paper on thursday. Gothenburg on tuesday. And I'll have to clean my apartment before the coming wednesday - another journalist wants me, and he wants to see me in my home. Why? Because he writes for a housing magazine. Weird world.

And the dissertation chapter is as good as finished for submission. And I wrote an article on Lucian's Vera Historia for a Finnish magazine called Kontur. And I just did some work on the Seraphim, too. Not a lot, but still.

Soon, I am going to watch DVD 5 of House season one. I desperately need to know whom he's going to fire (because the evil Mr Vogler has forced him to pick one of his subordinates). Not tonight, though; it's 03:36 in the morning, and my brain hurts.

The Syriac is coming along nicely. The language has a nice fluidity to it. But Tocharian is harder, so much harder....

Last week I told one of my Greek students that cracking a difficult verbal form is a bit like playing Doctor House. Attack the probem logically, rule out impossibilities, make a diagnosis. And so you find that "idoi" is 3rd person aorist optative active. Thank you, Dr Laurie, you did it again.

Oh, and sometimes I wish I were born in America. But then again, I really wouldn't want that, for a ridiculously large number of reasons. England perhaps...? Nah, too much British Class System for my poor nervous system. Or maybe Japan? No, better for short visits, I think. Sweden will just have to do.

Over and out. And don't go listening to Southern Baptist sermons over the internet - it drives you crazy... possibly with laughter. Or depression, whichever serves your amount of dystopia.