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April 2008

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Oxford in those days was still a city of aquatint...

I have been heavily at work on the Indo-European stuff lately, and my brain feels like it's bulging with reconstructed verbal forms. Also, had two new nice ideas for books to do sometime in the future (very vague ideas which might come to absolutely nothing, but still): one is a commentary the Hymn of the Pearl (from the Acts of Thomas), discussing the Exodus-motif as applied to the soul in a gnosticizing context, thus combining my Hebrew Bible interests with the Gnostic ones, and the other is a book focusing on some aspects of Old Testament thinking from a "philosophical" point of view: what would happen if we looked at the Deuteronomists, the author of Job and Deutero-Isiah not as theologians but as philosophers instead? Could be interesting, could be completely impossible to do. Perhaps we shall see one day.

Oh, and I found out there will be a paper on the Hebrew wayyiqtol-tense presented at the OTSEM conference in April (the one where I will be presenting the first chapter of my thesis). That is interesting, because I have myself been sketching on an article on that very problem but from a comparative typological perspective (using the rise of the Indo-European augment as a typological comparandum for the waw-consecutive). I am quite interested in seeing what the paper presented at the conference will have to say on the matter.

I like Odin Sphere, by the way. Hack and slash with a quasi-RPG finish and beautiful graphics. A little Mana-ish, which really works for me. I have to replay Secret of Mana... once again. And Seiken Densetsu 3. After all, it was Mana that got me into the JRPG thing in the first place, many years ago. Just thinking of Hiroki Kikuta's wonderful "Where Angels Fear to Tread"-theme makes my eyes water. It is simply wonderful, isn't?

And why make a 2-hour movie adaption of Brideshead Revisited when there already is a tv-series version from heaven which will not and cannot be surpassed? Leave beauty alone - do not disturb it. Jeremy Irons/Anthony Andrews/Diana Quick/Evelyn Waugh. You can't get any better, so stop trying.